Types of Functions with Definition

Most Important Types of functions are

Some important types are functions are given below:  

Types of Functions with Definition

Algebraic Function Definition Short

Algebraic function are those functions which are defined by algebraic expressions.

Linear functions Short Definition With Example

If the degree of polynomial function is 1, then it is called a linear function. linear function is of the form:

f(x) = ax + b (a not equal to 0) a, b, are the real numbers.

for example  f(x) = 3x + 4 or y = 3x + 4 is a linear function. its domain and range are the set of real number.

Identity of Trigonometric Functions

For any set X, a function I : X → X of the form I(x) = x ∀  x 𝛜 X, is called an identity function. its domain and range is the set X itself. in particular, if  X  = r then I(x) = x for all x 𝛜 R, is the identity function.

Constant Function Examples and Definition

Let X and Y be sets of real numbers. A function C : X  → Y defined by C(x) = a, ∀  x 𝛜 X , a 𝛜 Y and defined by is called a constant function. for example, C: R  → R defined by C(x) = 2 ,  ∀  x 𝛜 R is a constant function.  

What is Rational functions in Math?

A function R(x) of the form P(x)/Q(x), were both P(x) and Q(x) are polynomial functions and Q(x) ≠ 0 is called a rational function. The domain of a rational function R(x) is the set of all realm numbers x for which Q(x)  ≠ 0.