Character Sketch of Vera in the Open Window

character sketch of vera in the open window

In the story ” The Open window” Framton Nuttel was suffering from a nerve disorder. The doctor advised him to spend a few days in the village. They thought that it would give him peace of Mind. Framton Nuttel’s sister had lived in the village four years ago. She knew many people there. She sent him to the village with letters of introduction.

The Open Window Characters

Letter of introduction from framton's sister

Mr. Framton Nuttel came to Mrs. Sappleton’s home because he had a letter of introduction for her from his sister. Mrs. Sappleton’s was busy in some work upstairs. So Vera gave him company. The French window of the drawing-room was open.

Write a Character Sketch of Vera

Vera told a fake story about her aunt. She said that her husband and two brothers went for hunting three years ago but they never returned. it was said that they were lost in the marshes while they were hunting Birds. Their bodies were not recovered so far. Vera said that the death of her husband and two brothers made her aunt insane. Her out hoped that one day they would return through the window. so she always kept the window open.

Mrs. Sappleton Character Sketch

At this Mrs. Sappleton’s arrived and began to talk about her husband and brothers. She said that her husband and two brothers went for hunting in the morning. They would return soon through the open window.

Character Sketch of Framton Nuttel and why he confused?

Mr. Framton Nuttel was very confused at the contrast between their stories. Soon he saw three people with a dog through the open window. Their clothes were muddy. Mrs. Sappleton’s shouted with joy that her husband and brothers had arrived. Mr.Nuttel was extremely horrified. He took them for their ghosts. So he ran away.

Nuttel Run Away

Mrs. Sappleton’s asked why the man had run away to see them. Vera made up another story she said that Mr. Nuttel was afraid of dogs. Once he was attacked by a dog in India. He had to hide in the grave and the dogs were barking the whole night on the grave. She said that Mr. Nuttel had run away to see the dog. we can say that vera is responsible for all confusion which upsets Framton Nuttel.

Who Was Framton Nuttel in The Open Window?

Who Was Framton Nuttel in The Open Window?

Mr.Nuttel was an elderly mature man who came to the countryside in search of mental peace, He was a sensitive man and suffered from mental tension. He wanted to spend a few days in the village and had a desire to enjoy its calm and serenity.

He was a stranger in the village, His sister lived in the village for four years. He had a letter of introduction for Mrs. Sappleton from his sister.

who is vera in the open window

who is vera in the open window

Mrs. Sappleton was upstairs while her niece Vera received Mr. Nuttel. She was a girl of fifteen and was very imaginative and self-possessed. Mr.Nuttel told Vera, the purpose of his visit to the village. He told Vera that he was a complete stranger in the village.

He did not know anything about her aunt except her address and name. He was a patient of nerves and wanted to enjoy the solitude of the village in order to relax his nerves. He was greatly disturbed by the noise and excitement of the city.

Why was the window kept open?

Why was the window kept open?

Vera told Mr.Nuttel that her aunt was a very miserable woman. Her great tragedy happened just three years ago. It was connected one way or other with the French window that opened onto a lawn. She told Mr.Nuttel that her husband and her two brothers with their dog went off for their day’s shooting.

They never came back. They were engulfed in a treacherous marshy piece of land. Their bodies were never recovered That was the dreadful part of it. She told Mr.Nuttel that her aunt kept the window open every evening till it was dusk. She expected that they would come back from this window.

She told Mr.Nuttel how her aunt said farewell to her husband and her brothers. Her husband with his white waterproof coat on his arm and her youngest brother singing a sweet song looked very charming at the time of departure. In this way, Vera impressed Mr.Nuttel a lot with the narration of her aunt’s tragedy.

Character Sketch of Mrs. Sappleton in the Open Window

Mrs. Sappleton was an eldełly, and respectful woman. She was Vera’s aunt. She was dignified in appearance and behavior. She was very polite and kind to Mr. Frampton Nuttel who came to live with her for a few days. She was upstairs when he came to see her. When she made her appearance in the room, she was very apologetic for being late. She was greatly concerned about the feelings of others.

A Truthful Woman

Mrs. Sappleton is a truthful woman

She was a truthful and plain-speaking lady. She told Mr. Frampton the actual reason for Keeping the window of her room open on an October evening. She did not know that Vera had told him a concocted story earlier. She told him that her husband and her two brothers had gone out hunting on that morning. They were expected to come back from that window.

A Talkative Woman

Mrs. Sappleton is a talkative woman

She was very talkative. She rattled on cheerfully about the shooting and the scarcity of birds. Mr. Frampton wanted to tell her about his illness but she did not provide him a chance to do so. In the end, she told her husband that Mr. Nuttel was an extraordinary man. He was an ailing person and left the room without making an apology. In the beat of conversation, she could hot study properly the mind of her guest

A Faithful Wife

Mrs. Sappleton is a faithful wife

Mrs. Sappleton was a faithful wife and loving sister to her brothers. She was very much concerned about the safe return of her husband and her two brothers who had gone out hunting. At their safe arrival, her face beamed up with pleasure. This shows that she had a loving nature.

Not Very Intelligent Wife

Mrs. Sappleton Not Very Intelligent Wife

Her lack of understanding of human nature was reflected in her relationship with her niece. She was no doubt very kind and soft to Vera, but she failed to understand her natural desires and longings. She could not provide to Vera suitable girl-friends for her companionship. She did not provide her with some form of amusement or recreation to satisfy her suppressed feelings. Her lack of attention made Vera a liar and she invented false stories to satisfy her inner self.