Product and Quotient Rule with easy Examples

what is the product rule for derivatives?

Definition of Product rule in easy words:

The product rule tells us how to differentiate or solve of two or three function with respect to derivative function.
Product rule formula in math

Here, let us suppose that two functions are g and f. Now in product rule, first(f) like it and derivative of a second(g) than the second(g) as it and derivative of first(f)

In the Product Rule, the derivative of a made from features is the first function times the derivative of the second function plus the second fun instances the by-product of the primary feature.

Quotient Rule Examples with Solutions

Some important, basic, and easy examples are as follows:

But before examples, we discuss what is Quotient Rule in Calculus is.

Definition of Quotient Rule in Math?

In Mathematics, While you divide two(2) numbers the answer is referred to as the Quotient.


The quotient rule is a technique for differentiating issues in which one feature is divided by using any other. If differentiable functions, f(x) and g(x), exist, then their quotient is also differentiable (i. E., the by-product of the quotient of those two capabilities also exists)

Quotient Rule formula

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